“The key to our technology is the correlation between the measured biofeedback data with specific emotional-energetic states of a client”

“Biofeedback is the science of measuring and displaying unconscious physiological parameters. The goal is to bring these parameters into awareness, so that the client has the ability to notice and change them”

Our technology is based on the scientific research and principles pioneered by the following experts:
• Dr. Valerie Hunt’s and Thelma Moss’s research at UCLA Los Angeles in 1970s.
• Dr. Schwartz’s book and research Biofeedback.
• General biofeedback research (especially EDA, temperature, brainwaves, etc.).

Researchers and Scientists that participated in the development of our Aura Video Technology:
• Dr. Richard Johnson, Ph.D. (biofeedback expert, founder of Biogram Therapy)
• Jerry Burton (biofeedback practitioner, robotics and computer hardware expert).
• Johannes R. Fisslinger (author of Aura Mastery, Aura Imaging Photography).
• Various healing practitioners and clairvoyants that confirmed the accuracy of Inneractive Inc.’s Aura Biofeedback Imaging Video Systems.

Current Research Projects:
• University of North Carolina, research with our Aura Video Systems and Personality Profiling and Energy Medicine
• Various studies by individuals around the world in conjunction with their healing modalities and products and treatments


The key of our Aura Video Technology is the correlation between the measured biofeedback data with specific emotional and energetic states of a client. Biofeedback is the science of measuring and displaying unconscious psycho-physiological parameters. The goal is to bring these parameters into awareness, so that the client has the ability to notice and change them. Our systems are based on these principles.

When our Aura Video System was developed, the main goal was to measure biofeedback data and display this information in a very colourful, easy-to-understand and visual way. The developers wanted to create a product that the client could understand very easily, while providing insightful and in-depth information. Many professional biofeedback devices present such complex graphs, complicated meters and difficult scientific language that the client simply does not understand the information. Thus the meaning and implications of the data are lost.
With our Aura Video Technology, we use colour, visual pictures and images, and assign each parameter a specific meaning. For example, describing what “GSR” or “TEMP” relates to in our system was essential. Defining these parameters and displaying them with high sensitivity and complexity has been a challenge, but we are proud to say that developers have achieved their goal.

Our process is absolutely scientific and completely user-friendly and easy to understand. We measure biofeedback data like electro-dermal activity and temperature from several points on the outer portion of the palm side of the left hand. Then we analyse this complex data with our software program that is based on the developer’s empirical biofeedback/aura/chakra energy research and on standard biofeedback technology. We then present and display this measured information and data onscreen in many different ways, such as a representation of the client’s aura and chakras, biofeedback graphs and meters, etc. This process is completely scientific and empirically valid. The essential difference between our Aura Video Technology and standard biofeedback equipment is that we use colours, shapes and other multimedia tools to show and visualize the measured data and information.

Our technology goes beyond conventional science in that we correlate the measured biofeedback data to a client’s aura and chakras. Once we display colours as a representation of each client’s aura or energy field, we are opening into another dimension. The correlation of the biofeedback data with specific aura-chakra states has been achieved by working with health practitioners, Sensitives who have empirically verified personality profiles and emotional-mental patterns with the measured data.

This method is based on the same principles used by Dr. Valerie Hunt and Thelma Moss in the 1970s at the University of California at Los Angeles to study the human aura. Dr. Hunt had clairvoyants look at a human subject and describe the aura colours around the body. She then measured with biofeedback devices the frequencies and parameters via sensors. Dr. Hunt established a correlation between the measured data and the aura colour described by the sensitive. Whenever a specific colour was described by the Sensitive, they would see the specific frequencies or patterns of the measured biofeedback data.

This research and scientific principles comprise the basis of the rather young science of Aura Video Technology. In the past four to five years, the developers of our equipment have established themselves as the leaders in the world for developing and researching Multimedia Biofeedback Aura Video Systems. Much more research needs to be done to validate and scientifically prove this young technology so it will be fully accepted in the scientific community.

The developers are currently in the process of setting up research projects with doctors, health practitioners and universities in the United States and other parts of the world. Their goal is to scientifically verify the accuracy of our Aura Video Systems and expand the applications and uses of this powerful and exciting technology. However, health practitioners and educators have embraced this technology and used it over the last five years with tremendous success, mainly because of its many applications. We believe that our Aura Video System has been so successful because it bridges the knowledge of technology and science with intuitive knowledge and energetic wellness information.